Ethir RT21

Departure on: 19 June 2021
Distance 420 km
Altimetry 9000 D+
Days 3/4
Dirt road 90%


Charge station
Point of interest

420km 9000 D +

A ring with arrival and departure from Cervia, with its millenary salt marshes and the historic port. An extraordinary route to ride in the woods, in the beech woods, capturing the most exciting parts of the Romagna Apennines, avoiding roads and noise. And then, the silence of the Hermitage of Camaldoli, the majesty of San Leo, the Mausoleum of Theodoric, the elegance of the San Domenico Museums, Dante's tomb ... and so on. You and your bike. Even if you cross the millenary history of cities like Ravenna, Forlì and Rimini, far from the cities, you will find yourself catapulted into the silence of medieval villages that are unique in the world, fortunately still stuck in the traditions of an ancient and friendly people. You will cross the Sasso Fratino with its beech woods, a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2017, you will cross the mouth of the Tiber and, above all, you will live a unique experience.


The event, of a non-competitive nature, does not include any time limit and passage gates. To complete the track, a good physical and mental preparation is necessary, as well as a good command of mtb (also e bike) or gravel and ability to adapt to climate changes. Any type of external support is prohibited (only in an emergency) and changing the route. Good knowledge of the use of GPS and orientation is required. The path must be followed in full and without cuts. Should you move away from it, you will have to pick it up from where it was left off. Each participant must upload the track provided on a GPS device and follow it from start to finish. ETHIR BIKE TRAIL 2021 will start in all weather conditions. The event is also open to The management will reserve the right to provide useful elements to manage the electric vehicle.