Route 2022

Distance 405 km
Altimetry 8500 m
Days 3/4
Dirt road 75%

The 2022 edition foresees the departure and arrival in Forlì, after an itinerary of about 400 km and 8500 m in altitude. In the saddle of your bike, be it muscle or e-bike, you will travel the paths inside the characteristic regional park of the Vena del Gesso Romagnola and the dirt roads of the Po Delta regional park, where you can photograph the many species of birds that live in this naturalistic oasis, including the pink flamingo, the mute swan and the knight of Italy. Continuing along the route you will encounter important sites of historical interest and early Christian monuments located inside and outside the city of Ravenna, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. You will cross centuries-old pine forests along the Romagna Riviera, where you can stop in the evening, to savor a plate of fresh fish or, simply, a "pida cun e parsot" and stay overnight in one of the many seaside resorts on the coast, above all Cervia and Cesenatico, the native city of the great Marco Pantani.

Pedaling towards the highest peaks you will leave behind the city of Rimini, home of the great Federico Fellini and one of the most hospitable tourist resorts in the world. Taking advantage of the more agile relationships of your travel companion, you will climb to the top of Mount Fumaiolo, where the Tiber river rises and you will walk, among woods and hermitages, a section of the path "00" called Giogana and some of the forest paths of the integral nature reserve of Sasso Fratino, Unesco heritage, located within the national park of the Casentinesi Forests, one of the most beautiful parks in Italy. Finally you will descend again to the valley passing on the famous Path of the Alpine troops, from which, after a few kilometers, you will reach the end of this splendid trail, greeted by a thunderous applause and an ice cold beer as prizes to your Epic Adventure!