Rules 2022



Art. 1 - Registration

1.1. They are admitted to "ROMAGNA TRAIL" ED. 2022 (hereinafter also the "Event") all persons of any nationality and sex who have reached the age of majority at the time of registration, in accordance with the legislation of their country of citizenship (so-called Adults), which time from which each subject is understood to be capable of acting.

Art. 2 - Departure and Route

2.1. The departure of the "ROMAGNA TRAIL" 2022 is set for 2 JUNE 2022, 8.30 am (Meeting at 7.45 am) - Forlì (piazza Saffi). The deadline for obtaining the Finisher certificate is: 15/06/2022. It is forbidden to use any type of external support (only in an emergency), the use of internal combustion motorized vehicles and to modify the route. Good knowledge of the use of GPS and orientation is required. The path must be followed in its entirety and without cuts. Should you move away from it, you will have to pick it up from where it was left off. 2.2 The route will have a development of about 400 / 410Km; Positive difference in height about 8400/8500 meters. It will develop on paths, mule tracks, dirt roads and asphalted roads. The provisional trace with all missing data will be disclosed as soon as it becomes available. About a week before departure, an email will be sent containing the definitive gpx track which may undergo variations with respect to the km and altitude difference declared in the provisional track. The participant will have to upload the track provided on a GPS device and follow it from start to finish.

2.3 It is not compulsory to complete the entire course. Only in case of completion, the cyclist will be included in the "finisher" list permanently.

Art. 3 - Characteristics of the event - warnings

3.1 "ROMAGNA TRAIL" is an ADVENTURE (and cannot be considered a race) on paths, dirt roads and asphalted roads so the route will be open to traffic and therefore for all participants it will be OBLIGATORY to: - respect the Highway Code, - respect the Italian law, as well as use and customs

- respect the rules of morality and traditions, adopting education and sensitivity

- wear a helmet

- adopt a respectful behavior towards nature, towards the participants and in general towards people and things that will meet along the way.

Each participant in the Event must be registered with the ASD affiliate MSP cycling (included in the event fee) to take advantage of the insurance coverage (included in the fee). Furthermore, the participant must be in possession of a medical certificate for non-competitive cycling sporting activities (at the expense of the individual cyclist). Registrations are managed exclusively on the website www. "ROMAGNA TRAIL" .it.

Each participant must be in possession of a certificate of fitness for cycling as per Ministerial Decree 24/04/2013.

3.2 The participant acknowledges that he is aware that the route is not signposted, he travels at his own risk and is considered a free personal excursion without any additional rights compared to the other users of the paths and roads; He is aware that it is not there is no health, food and mechanical assistance service by the organizers along the route; there is no recovery service for retired people and there are no research obligations on the part of the organizers of the participants on the route. However, the "ROMAGNA TRAIL" staff is available for contacts, telephone support and advice for the event (bicycle, sleep, meals, etc.). It is aware that good physical preparation is required, resistance to prolonged efforts and above all a spirit of adaptation, as well as to climate change.

3.3 The participant undertakes: - to comply with the rules and restrictions provided for when crossing some nature reserves, forests and areas reserved for grazing animals, often delimited by fences. Consequently, the athletes will encounter gates for crossing these areas that the organization is recommended to close after the passage; - to respect the rules of some so-called areas "Integral Reserves" (failure to comply with the rules is heavily sanctioned by law!);

to respect and keep clean the places crossed, avoiding to throw waste of any kind and, in all cases, adopting an active behavior aimed at safeguarding nature, - not to frighten animals or people; - to communicate their withdrawal to the organizer by sending a message to the telephone numbers indicated at the start on the roadbook. 3.4. Since participation in the "ROMAGNA TRAIL" cycling excursion always takes place for free choice and for recreational purposes, however non-pecuniary, it therefore follows that the organizer Team Vitamina A.S.D. is free, and in any case indemnified, from any liability related to the "ROMAGNA TRAIL" cycling excursion, including with regard to eventualities that have occurred to the cyclist such as: accidents, loss of the route, physical problems, accidents, thefts, etc. It follows, therefore, that the "ROMAGNA TRAIL" cycling excursion is to be understood as a mere meeting with the spontaneous and independent participation of cyclists and cyclists on a free and personal excursion.

Art. 4 - Finisher - Control

The Staff may request a copy of the gpx track from each participant in order to verify compliance with the track (also by email request). If the route is not respected, the "ROMAGNA TRAIL" Staff may reserve the right not to include the biker among Finisher list. The refusal of inclusion will be motivated but in all cases it will be irrevocable.

Art. 5 - Compulsory kit

Each participant is obliged to carry and wear, for the duration of their adventure, the following equipment (so-called minimum safety):

- reflective vest and lights (white front and red rear) for night walking,

- whistle or bell

- mobile device

- approved helmet (to always wear)

Art. 6 - Warnings

“ROMAGNA TRAIL” will start in any weather condition. There is no refund in case of non-participation in the event, nor in case of withdrawal of the cyclist.

Art. 7 - Final rule

By asking to participate in "ROMAGNA TRAIL" each participant:

1) He declares to be able to act and to be aware of his physical / sporting limits;

Art. 7 - Final rule

By asking to participate in "ROMAGNA TRAIL" each participant:

1) He declares to be able to act and to be aware of his physical / sporting limits;

1) BIS declares that he has not had a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 infection, that he has had no symptoms in the last 14 days and that he has not had contact with people who are positive for the virus in the same period;

2) I declare that I have read and approved these regulations and the rules relating to the anti Covid19 procedures communicated by the organizer, and to accept all of its parts;

3) He declares that he has taken note that the event is a non-competitive test of endurance and considerable physical, mental and physical effort and without rankings;

4) He declares to be aware that, being a large part of the track off-road, some sections can be bumpy and require a good driving technique, where necessary the participant will overcome the difficult section in his own judgment by getting off the bicycle and proceeding on foot;

5) He declares to have experience in GPS navigation in off-road and / or in any case not tracked routes;

6) He declares to have experience and to be aware that the route is not marked, it is not monitored and there are no safety posts and / or rescue personnel along the route;

7) He declares to have experience and to be aware of the possibility of encountering adverse weather conditions and to be able to orient himself and ride in the hills in such conditions;

8) He declares to be physically prepared to face many hours on a bike without stopping and in complete self-sufficiency;

9) Declares not to use doping or drugs or medicinal substances that may alter performance or lead to situations of harm or danger for oneself or for others;

10) You declare that you have all the material necessary to take part in adventures such as this one and that you can independently travel the track requested by the organization;

11) Declares to be aware that unforeseen events may occur along the route such as landslides, sun, wind, rain, hail, lightning, cold, night, darkness, fog, snow, ice, landslides, encounters with unattended and / or wild animals, falls , accidental collisions with other participants or with people passing by and / or with motor vehicles in the stretches of carriage road and declares to be adequately prepared to deal with emergency situations;

12) Declares that your equipment is in excellent condition and ready for use that a route such as that of the GPS track requires.

13) He is the guarantor of his own behavior during and after the event;

14) Declares that the aptitude medical certificate for cycling is in compliance with the Ministerial Decree 18/02/1982 and the Ministerial Decree 26/04/2013 issued by a Sports Medical Center or a doctor;

15) He declares to be in good physical condition and to have undergone an aptitude medical examination for competitive cycling or cycling, providing the organization with the widest indemnity for any damage that may be suffered as a result of his participation in the event;

16) Participation in the Event involves the processing of the personal data of the participants for the purposes and in the manner described in the Organizer's Privacy Policy. The data controller is the Organizer. By registering for the Event, the participant confirms that he has carefully read the Organizer's Privacy Policy

17) Grants the organizers the widest possible consent to the use, in the ways permitted by law, including for profit, of any of its video, photographic images, etc. shooting on the days of the event, providing the organization with the right to transfer these images to third parties from the moment of registration;

18) He expressly authorizes the organization, free of charge, to use images, still and / or moving, portraying himself, taken during the event, every day of its duration. This authorization for the use of one's own image must be understood as granted indefinitely and without territorial limits throughout the world, for use in various publications and films, including, by way of example and not limited to, promotional materials and / or advertising made on all media. The organization may also transfer the rights of use provided for in this agreement to third parties and its institutional and commercial partners.

The organization declines all responsibility for itself and its collaborators, for accidents or damage to people or things, which may occur before, during and after the event or as a result of it.

By explicit approval of art. 7, paragraphs 1.1 BIS, 2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18.

The participant declares

- To be aware of the contagion containment measures in force today and that the organizer has given complete and exhaustive information;

- That he himself and his family members are not subjected to the quarantine measure or that he did not test positive for COVID-19;

- Not to participate in the event in the presence of fever (equal to or greater than 37.5 °) or other symptoms such as sore throat, nasal congestion, conjunctivitis, loss of smell or taste and to promptly inform the organizer in case of onset of symptoms or fever;

- To have been adequately informed by the organizers of all the organizational and sanitary provisions for safety and for the containment of the risk of spreading the infection from Covid-19 and in particular:

- To adopt, even in the times and places of the "ROMAGNA TRAIL" event, maximum precautionary behavior regarding the risk of contagion, wearing a mask, where required;

- To be aware that in the moment of a resumption of interaction activities, even if controlled, it is not possible to eliminate the risk of contagion which instead must be reduced to a minimum through the scrupulous and rigorous observance of the precautionary and safety measures provided for by specific protocols for carrying out activities,


- To have communicated timely information, even if only verbal, with respect to every organizational and sanitary device that the participating cyclist must adopt to contain the spread of the infection from Covid-19;

- That the manager does not promote aggregation or gathering of people, and invites the participant to walk the "ROMAGNA TRAIL" event at a safe distance and trying to avoid groupings and contacts with groups of people;

- That the participant must strictly and scrupulously comply with the health protocols in the case of an established Covid-19 infection, by contacting the local ASL directly.

The participant, by registering for the event, declares to have read the above and to approve all its clauses.

  1. The registered participant __________________________________