Ethir bike trail


(The track shown on this page represents the 2022 route. The 2023 route is modified by about 60/70%).

The Romagna Trail is not just a bikepacking event but a unique experience.

RT represents a wonderful friendship aggregator: little bicycle adventurers in the most pristine and splendid Romagna who will meet while pedaling together!

Allowing you to pedal freely is an honor for us and immense pleasure.

You will pedal in complete self-sufficiency and you will dictate your pace: alone, with your friends or with new travel companions. RT begins in your home cellar: the bike, what to take with you or leave at home, learning how to get by, managing the unexpected. A test, under the right conditions, to get out of the daily routine for a few days, living in the middle of nature

and stepping out of the comfort zone. By disengaging from everyday life, from stress, from the electronics that dominate us every day… dedicate some time

to your spirit and body.

It's time to do what we sometimes complain we don't have.


The Romagna Trail is an exciting journey through dirt roads, secondary roads, paths, mule tracks and cycle paths, in a single circular stage,

with departure and arrival in Forlì. It develops for about 400 km and 8500m

in altitude and varies from year to year, to allow you to discover the corners

more remote than the splendid Romagna area.


A track in .gpx format will be provided which you will have to cover entirely

(in order to be included in the "finisher"); no matter how many days,

nor with what pace. Take your time, enjoy the landscapes and be satisfied

your free spirit. The Romagna Trail is an adventure, not a race!


You will travel in complete autonomy and freedom, without any kind of external assistance but with the support of your travel companions. You will be able to choose how many km to cycle during the day, at night, where to sleep and where to eat, respecting the environment and the territory.

Ethir bikepacking trail adventure

The 2023 edition foresees the start and finish in Forlì, after a ring of about 400 km and 7000 m altitude gain. On your bike

(mtb, gravel, monstercrosso or e-bike) you will travel the paths within the most beautiful areas of Romagna, from a landscape and otherwise point of view.

Continuing along the route you will come across important sites of historical interest and monuments.

You will cross centuries-old pine forests along the Romagna coast, where you can stop in the evening to savor a plate of fresh fish or simply a "pida cun e parsot" and stay overnight in one of the many seaside resorts on the coast.

Pedaling towards the highest peaks, you will leave the cities of Romagna behind, to enter the pristine woods of the hinterland. Taking advantage of the more agile gears of your travel companion, you will slowly climb to the 1000 meters above sea level of Mount Fumaiolo, where you can visit the source of the Tiber; you will walk through woods and hermitages, a section of the path "00" (part of the Gea) and some of the forest paths of the integral nature reserve of Sasso Fratino, a Unesco heritage site, located within the national park of the Casentino Forests, one of the most beautiful in Italy.

Finally you will go down to the valley always away from asphalt and traffic, meeting villages, ridges and ancient mills, along.

From here on, after a few km of dirt road and long rival, you will reach the end of this wonderful journey, greeted by applause and an ice-cold beer!


380/400 km (still under completion of track 2023)


7000/7800+ (still in completion of 2023 track)


from 3

Dirt road


Max height



Km after km, day after day, you will feel stronger and more adventurous at every moment. The world exists because it is to be explored and that miracle

which is called a bicycle will allow you to experience it and enjoy it at the right pace, the slow pedalling.

The Romagna Trail will let you discover a little piece of this world, in small steps and with the right amount of madness and safety. Madness will transform distance into adventure and safety will transform fatigue into an undertaking that you will never forget. Whether it's sunny or rainy, your spirit will thank you for this taste of purity and you will enter a whirlwind where the bike will become your means of travelling! Our aim.

Let's save the Earth. ToBeGreen!

ethir unsuported bike trail



-17 June 2023, start at 8.00



Pick up RtPack from

- 16 June 17.30 - 23.00

- 17 June 07.00 - 08.00

c/o "IL CAMP RT2023"


IL CAMP RT2023 :


-16 GIUGNO 2023, from 16.30 to 24.00, in FORLI', PARCO URBANO "FRANCO AGOSTO".

From 19.30, brunch/aperitiv "romagnolo" with beer included and many smiles!

Registration open :

from 2 January 2023

Registration closing :

31 may 2023

Registration :

from 2 jannuary 2023

(to 31 may 2023)

Partecipation fee :


euro 50,00 till 31/03/2023

euro 65,00 from 01/04/2023 - 31/05/2023


euro 35,00 till 31/03/2023

euro 50,00 from 01/04/2023 - 31/05/2023

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.”

Ernest Hemingway