Romagna bike trail

Ethir bike trail

Unsupported Bikepacking Adventure

The start of the ETHIR BIKE TRAIL 2021 is set for Saturday the19 of June.

Mtb or gravel, in full autonomy, crossing the history and poetry, tasting the flavours of a gorgeous land : "Romagna" (Italy). Do not be intimidated by the distance because the emotions will be much more intense than the km traveled ... trust will do it ...

"Three experiences in one ... a first part of really a pleasant warm-up where you can find your own pace, a very hard second part where the Romagna beaches are a far memory, but from San Leo to the sea an amazing third part, funny too for pedaling during the night, usefull to arrive in Cervia and celebrate with beer at any time ... Ethir Big Love"(Alex R. - Finisher Ethir RT 2020)

(cit. "the life is beautifull")

Why Romagna?

Because it's sea and hills with tagliatella and piadina,

because it's like a fairy tale and poetry with happiness,

because it's Sangiovese wine and a "good eater", on your bike

Romagna mia, Romagna in fiore, tu sei la stella, tu sei l’amore quando ti penso, vorrei tornare, dalla mia bella, al casolare”

(Secondo Casadei, Romagna Mia)
Ethir bikepacking trail adventure


A non-competitive adventure (organised) that put a strain on your body and mind along 9000d+ of hills. You will have the necessary with you but only helpfull to follow your dream, your trace, your spirit. We mark the furrow where you will sow your freedom, pedaling your best fairy tale.


Our philosophy : the sweet pedaling. Everything to live the nature without haste, to sleep under the stars listening to the roar of the deer, to smell the scent of the undergrowth, to enjoy a good wine at sunset with your firends and your bicycle.

Only the biological clock of sunrise and sunset.

Making friends, better than anything else, smiling to taste old flavors and aromas, at the warm sunset of Romagna hills. You will cross fields, mountains, meadows, fords, pine forests, vineyards and orchards. You will meet villages, hamlets and fortresses and above all a hospitable people with its centuries-old traditions and dialects. You will join rivers, volcanoes, lakes and waterfalls. You will smell the undergrowth of the pine forest and the scent of the resin. But you will always have to respect the nature, yourself and those will be around you.

This is living Ethir (and all moments of life).

ethir unsuported bike trail

The Trail

443km 9000 D +

A ring with arrival and departure from Cervia, with its millenary salt pans and the historic port. An extraordinary route to cycle, land of famous poets, brigands and adventurous cyclists, with white roads, mule tracks and paths. You will live for a moment the millennial history of Ravenna, Rimini, Forlì and Cesena and, at the same time, you will be catapulted into medieval villages unique in the world, from the Camaldoli Hermitage to the Cathedral of San Leo, pearls to be preserved with all the love of the world. You will cross Sasso Fratino with his beech woods, Unesco World Site, since 2017.

Ethir loves the world.


The start of the ETHIR BIKE TRAIL (II edition) is set for Saturday the 19th of June 2021. The event, of a non-competitive nature, does not provide for any time limit and passage gates.

Any type of external support is forbidden (only in case of emergency) and modification of the route. A good knowledge of the use of GPS and orientation is required. The path must be followed in full and without cuts. Should you move away from it you will have to pick it up from where it left off.

Each participant will have to upload the track provided on a GPS device and follow it from start to finish.

ETHIR BIKE TRAIL 2021 will start in any weather condition.

Once the registration is complete, the Ethir Manual will be sent by email (with regulation and description of the trace).

ethire bike trail map

With the patronage


Event registration form :

To complete the registration it is necessary to receive the "good healthy" medical certificate or, even better, the competitive medical certificate for the cycling activity, valid until the end of the event. Without such certificate, participation is not allowed, even if registration is completed. The certificate must be sent by May 15th to

Registration: Ethir RT 2020 : next date.

The fee : to be defined.

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