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ROMAGNA TRAIL 2024 5TH ED. Ride the passion 13 Sett 2024

Forlì Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi Monte Falterona e Campigna 1535 mt 305/315 Km 6800/7250 D+

The Romagna Trail 2024 will be a weekend trip that will immerse you in nature and history.

The friendship of pedaling together, the silence of the forest.


Because we put a smile before everything.

Because we take care of the track in every meter.

Because we will be there, unexpectedly.


1) We set the maximum number of participants because we believe that the human relationship between participant and organizer is fundamental and along the route you will have to be able to find suitable and available locations to sleep or eat.

2) The RT is unsupported and remains unsupported. We don't organize fixed stages because we believe that bikepacking is "free spirit", where everyone will learn to organize themselves. This is the good of it. Everything else is called an "organized gathering" or "package holiday". We are not that.

3) We don't just offer a track; we offer an experience that we hope will entice you to do others. It all starts months and months before the event. We will be available to give you the right advice.

4) Because it is a real trail and not a semi-urban cycle tour. 100% NATURE.


Plains, ridges, villages, hills, plateaus and mountains. The track crosses a good part of the "Foresta Casentinese e Campigna", considered the most beautiful forest in Europe. Rivers, waterfalls and infinite spaces.

You will travel from 50 meters above sea level up to 1500 of the highest peaks. A single RING, starting from Forlì. The evening before you will be a guest at the VILLAGE ROMAGNA TRAIL.


A track will be provided in .gpx format which you will have to follow in its entirety.

It doesn't matter how many days or at what pace: take your time, enjoy the landscapes and satisfy your spirit. You will organize your stages and learn to manage the unexpected.

There is no competition but only passion.


You will travel in complete autonomy and freedom, without any type of external mechanical assistance (although we will not abandon you).

Ethir bikepacking trail adventure

Il VILLAGE 2024 (bike&beer party)

Party - Briefing - Camp (sleeping under the stars!)

In Forlì, in the most beautiful park in Romagna, the BIKEPACKER FESTIVAL... the VILLAGE ROMAGNA TRAIL.

An afternoon and evening dedicated to all bikepackers and beyond.

"Piadina" and beer, in addition to the briefing for departure the following day.

Sleep under the stars in the park (with your own tent or we can lend it to you).

Don't miss it.


Km after km, day after day, you will feel stronger and more adventurous at every moment. The world exists because it is to be explored and that miracle

which is called a bicycle will allow you to experience it and enjoy it at the right pace, the slow pedalling.

The Romagna Trail will let you discover a little piece of this world, in small steps and with the right amount of madness and safety. Madness will transform distance into adventure and safety will transform fatigue into an undertaking that you will never forget. Whether it's sunny or rainy, your spirit will thank you for this taste of purity and you will enter a whirlwind where the bike will become your means of travelling! Our aim.

Let's save the Earth. ToBeGreen!

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Registration opens: from 23 Dec 2023.


13 / 14 /15 September 2024

"Village Romagna Trail"

12 September 2024 from 4.00 pm until evening (briefing, Romagna brunch, beer and laughter).

Participation fee:

65 man / 50 woman

“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.”

Ernest Hemingway