Romagna bike trail

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The Romagna Trail is an exciting trail dirt roads, secondary roads, paths, mule tracks and cycle paths, in a single loop stage, with departure and arrival in Forlì. It extends for about 400 km and 8500 m D+ and varies from year to year, to allow you to discover the most remote corners of Romagna area.

A track in .gpx format will be provided that you will have to cover entirely (to be included in the "finishers"); it doesn't matter how many days or your gate. Take your time, enjoy the landscapes and indulge your free spirit. The Romagna Trail is an adventure, not a race!

You will travel in complete autonomy and freedom, without any kind of external assistance but with the support of your bike-friends. You can choose how many km to ride during the day, at night, where to sleep and where to eat, respecting the environment and the territory.


The Romagna Trail is one of the most important bikepacking events in Italy. From 2020 it takes place punctually with an always improved and different path.

You will ride in complete self-sufficiency and you will dictate your pace: alone, with your friends or with the bikepackers you will meet along the way and who will immediately become your travel companions. The Romagna Trail will be an opportunity to test yourself, through a "long way" full of indelible emotions over time.


1 JUNE 2022

In Forlì, in a spectacular green area of ​​over 40 hectares, the ROMAGNA TRAIL will take shape in the natural lounge of the "CampRT". An afternoon and evening dedicated to all bikepackers, whom we call "cycle adventurers" or "cycle amateurs" with bags or silent two-wheeled travelers who want to meet and discover the world.

Target ?

Anticipate and tell the Romagna Trail 2022, before departure, through a small briefing by the RTstaff;

Give way to all adventurers, newbies or already experienced on bicycles to get to know each other, make friends, share passions, stories and set up of "two-wheeled horses";

Have a beer together under the stars a little "carefree", the night before departure.

There will be the possibility of camping (included in the RT fee) on the night of 1 June (the RT staff will not provide any type of material or tent)


Event date and place of departure:

Forlì 2 JUNE 2022

Event package collection + briefing at Camp RT22: 01 JUNE 2022

Registration deadline: April 30, 2022

Participation fee:

48 Euros until 03/15/2022

59 Euro from 16/03/2022 until the end of registration (30/04/22)

and includes:

Romagna Trail track in gpx format;

Participation in Camp RT (according to the anti Covid19 provisions at the date of the event);

Montura / Romagna Trail 2022 technical t-shirt;

Romagna Trail 2022 gadget

(race pack);

Finisher RT22 (in case of completion of the track);

Laughter, friendship and a few beers together….

Information regarding the route will be provided via email channel.


Km after km, day after day, you will feel stronger and more adventurous at every moment, finally coming out of the daily "comfort zone". The planet exists has to explored and that miracle called a "bike" will allow you to experience it and enjoy it with the right pace, slow pedaling. The Romagna Trail will make you discover a little piece of this world, in small steps and with the right dose of madness and safety. Madness will transform distance into adventure and safety will transform your effort into the great adventure that you will never forget.